Hey there!

My name is Michael Swengel. I’m in IT by day and a blogger and writer by… also day.

Some of my writing can be seen here.

I can be reached here.

I love my job in IT. I’ve been blessed to interact will all sorts of people. Troubleshooting is my strong suit as I love to analyze and repair systems of all sizes.

But I also appreciate the potential of the Internet for making money and sharing art. Like never before, people are able to connect and live in an always-on world that would have been relegated to science fiction only a few decades ago.

My site FishbowlFree focuses on Internet marketing, making money online and being an entrepreneur.

ListBootcamp.com is a free email marketing course. This course is designed to teach how to build an email list from the ground up. I’m really excited about it.

InfoProductTutorial is a product creation eBook coming in around 57 pages to date. InfoProductTutorial covers the basics of product creation – from brainstorming to delivering a polished product to your subscriber or customer.