Writing Samples

I love to write. Writing, to me, is as much an art form as painting or dance. Especially in a time when so much of our communication is done via letters on a screen, writing is a valuable tool.

Samples of my writing can be found in the following places.

Fishbowl Free

Entrepreneur resources, tips and tricks will be shared here. Fishbowl Free covers being an entrepreneur and the entrepreneur mindset.

Marketer’s Den

MarketersDen.com – MD is a site about marketing, making money online, blogging and online business. Google, SEO, email marketing, and more are discussed there.

Budget Playbook

BudgetPlaybook.com – BP covers personal finance, saving money and budgeting.

Info Product Tutorial

InfoProductTutorial.com – IPT is a free PDF eBook that covers product creation for those who would like an information product to sell or give away as a list building tool. My guide takes people through the brainstorming process all the way to delivering a finished product.


Dela Ainoo – FortysFitness.com


Jessica Jeuckstock, MommyKnowsTech.com

Brenda Edwards, Beautifully Cracked: My Life Bipolar

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