Writing Samples

I love to write. Writing, to me, is as much an art form as painting or dance. Especially in a time when so much of our communication is done via letters on a screen, writing is a valuable tool.

Samples of my writing can be found in the following places.

Marketer’s Den

MarketersDen.com – MD is a site about marketing, making money online, blogging and online business. Google, SEO, email marketing, and more are discussed there.

Budget Playbook

BudgetPlaybook.com – BP covers personal finance, saving money and budgeting.

Info Product Tutorial

InfoProductTutorial.com – IPT is a free PDF eBook that covers product creation for those who would like an information product to sell or give away as a list building tool. My guide takes people through the brainstorming process all the way to delivering a finished product.


Dela Ainoo – FortysFitness.com


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